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More Than Just A Cart

There are literally tens of thousands of companies that offer website building and e-Commerce websites out there. We know, we are one of them. So why go with us?

Unlike most of these companies, we offer more than just a shopping cart and a pat on the back when it works. We offer ways to integrate your ecommerce website with your existing back-end systems in a way that works for you. Yes, we do offer standard data extraction routines so that you can get your data into your system using existing gateways and downloads, but what if you are looking for more?

How about near real-time inventory and price updates from your current solution directly to your website? How about the ability to bring those sales back in to your system as they occur? Or updating existing customer information as customers change their information on the site. How about offering chat services without the need for adding extra costs? What about advanced reporting and analytics? Most ecommerce solution providers cannot offer options like these, and then make them upgrade-proof as new cart versions come out.


What Are Customers Really Doing?

That's a great question, and one that many ecommerce providers struggle to provide good answers to. Virvent can help get your hands around what customers are doing on your site, how often they come by and purchase, and even help follow up to turn visits into sales.

More than just a shopping platform, Virvent can help transform your brand by tracking what works to convert visits into sales and what doesn't, then helping you to make the changes that are necessary to increase your sales and grow your online business. We can help you implement tools that e-tailers like Amazon use to follow every action your customers take and remember what they look at, then send email reminders and marketing messages so that your customers come back to buy those items that they might have been thinking about.


Return On Investment, And Business

For larger distribution and B2B e-tailers, we can transform how your business takes orders from customers by making the process easier and completely electronic. Faxed purchase orders and phone calls can become a thing of the past for your business and allow your customer service team to shed the data entry tasks so they can do what they are best at - provide top-notch service. For customers who continue to want that personal touch, customer service can enter orders directly in the e-commerce platform and take advantage of all the confirmation processes and order acknowledgements along the way without costly modifications to your existing ERP solution.

In addition to providing better service, your business can quickly add customers without the need to add more data entry staff for taking orders, and reduce errors with orders that are received. Increasing accuracy without increasing costs will help demonstrate to your customer base that you are focused on serving them completely.

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