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It seems that everywhere you look people are introducing themselves as a consultant these days. What qualifies them to consult on your business? What makes them the right choice for what your business needs are? Why are they really working as a consultant?

We will be honest, we are not in business to provide consulting services for everyone. Quite simply, we can only advise on things that we know about, and know passionately. If you are looking for marketing and advertising solutions, we suggest finding a marketing firm or ad agency for those items. It's simply not what we do, and we admit it.

If you are looking for ways to reduce costs through technology automation, we are your people. Sort of. We aren't experts in everything and, quite honestly, we don't try to be. If you are involved in distribution, retail or any business that requires inventory management and product lifecycles - that we know, and we know it well. From automations of front end and back end systems that tie into existing systems to helping with purchasing and manufacturing cycles, we are here to help.

Smaller Is Better

Sweeping Changes Hurt Morale, Business

We are not big fans of sweeping changes that take six months to build and test, then dump into the laps of your employees. It simply doesn't work. Never has. Never will. Your employees have valuable knowledge and keeping them happy during software and process changes is not an easy thing to do. Our strategy is to introduce a cycle of constant, smaller change so that employees have a chance to learn and adapt to new processes without diminishing their existing knowledge base and training. This tends to lead to easier adoption of change over time without overwhelming valued staff and allowing your business to change training documents slowly over time.

We are, however, huge fans of putting key stakeholders in each and every department in a place to help affect change. Management teams provide valuable direction, but both the most and least experienced employees in each department that is being impacted bring fresh thoughts to the table. These key stakeholders are not the traditional ones, but they are the ones who perform the job being impacted each and every day. In addition to their knowledge of the daily business activities they work at, they understand the people they work with and the customers at the heart of the business. By offering them a chance to help define their own job and provide input into the process, employees are no longer forced into making a change, they are helping to drive change and take ownership of what they do.

What Next?

Let Us Help

Looking outside for ideas to help your business grow is never an easy decision. We understand. Let Virvent discuss your ideas with you for an hour with no pressure and no committment. If you think we can help, then invite us in. If we don't seem to fit together well, and that goes for both you and for us, there is no obligation, no cost, and no hurt feelings.

Contact us today at +1 847 445 3920 or to set up an appointment with one of our consultants and see if and how we can help your business.

Other Services

More Than Just Consulting, We Are Here To Help

If a consulting service is not right for you, maybe our virtual events or e-commerce services are better suited for your business.