How It Works

How To Save Everyone a Bundle

Traditional trade shows and promotional events typically require significant marketing work, overhead and travel costs. The Virvent platform offers the savings that other virtual trade show platforms provides by eliminating the need for show site rental, travel and printed materials. The difference? Virvent offers a direct sales channel within the show. The entire event platform is built on a transactional basis first allowing all participants to streamline ordering and sales in a single, condensed platform. It works alongside physical shows too providing a product listing and sales opportunity while attending the show in a way that consolidates reporting and analytics on the spot.

For the host organization, the cost of hosting an event is highly reduced. No hall rentals, travel, setup, shipping coordination, badges, guides, maps and other trade show commodities. Just load your data into the Virvent platform, add some graphics and go!

For exhibitors, the cost of travel and physical booth commodities is eliminated which allows them to move budgets from travel expenses to sales promotions to increase their sales and offer special promotions to customers attending the show.

For customers, there are no costs for travel or missed time from the office. This is especially important as you can offer your smallest customers the same opporitunities as the larger customers. This can be an opportunity to grow their business with you.

Virvent offers design, customization and integration solutions to work with your systems along with Analytics tracking campaigns to help you get the most out of your ecommerce portal.

Target Markets

B2B, Distribution

The Virvent platform works best for B2B and Distribution companies as a way to introduce new products and promote existing products to business consumers who already have terms accounts set up. This allows existing customers and even prospects to place larger orders as they navigate through the show and help generate additional revenues for the host company. Examples of events include end-of-quarter or end-of-year sales target promotions, new product launches, short-dated or slow-moving inventory sales clearances to name a few.

Your company, along with Customers and Exhibitors can see sales in real time and leverage opportunity guides and reports to show customers how to maximize savings on exhibitor-sponsored promotions.

Customers can also talk with distributors and exhibitors in real time either in public chat rooms or privately using our built-in chat application. Exhibitors can leverage this to offer their own enhancements to customer purchases at the show.


We Take Your Money, Then Give It Back

Virvent provides the platform for your event at a fixed cost per event based solely on the duration. That's it. We do not charge exhibitors or attendees any fees - those are entirely up to the host organization.

We offer other services as well such as dedicated event planners, graphic artists and integrators, but we will never charge your exhibitors or customers a fee. Ever.

What does all this mean? It means that if your company hosts an event and sets an exhibition fee that covers your cost of setting up the show and any add-on services, the ultimate cost to host the show is nothing. Zip. Zilch. And yes, you can generate revenue using this platform.

We can assist with helping you to determine who to charge and how much, which pricing models have worked and which haven't, but you make the final decisions that are right for your business.

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