There is a need in our community for quality care and enrichment experiences for children. Torch of Faith Church wants to respond to this need by providing quality programs to the families of our community.

All programs directed by On Fire Sports and Recreation are funded through registration and participation fees. These fees are calculated to cover the cost of paid staff, administration, facilities, and program materials. Donations for scholarships and equipment account for only a small percentage of On Fire Sports and Recreation income. Every effort is made to make the fees affordable to families while striving to maintain high quality staffing and programs. Discounts for some programs are available to children and/or parents who are active members of Torch of Faith Church.

On Fire Sports is a 501(C3) non-profit organization affiliated with Torch of Faith Church of Grayslake. On Fire Sports is governed by a board of directors composed of members of Torch of Faith Church, representatives from the Elder Board, and the Executive Director of On Fire Sports.